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About the Author

Patti Bonesteel lives in Baldwinsville, NY, with her husband Bob. Raising four daughters and teaching at the elementary level for 25 years helps guide her writing. She believes that children always learn best while being entertained and using their imaginations. 

Loving nature and learning about animals and their habitats, led her to research and write her fist book, The Flamingo with Two Left Feet.  It is a story that incorporates human life lessons, and facts that will encourage conversations. 

She believes Fernando, The Flamingo with Two Left Feet marries imaginations and facts into a wonderful partnership where parents and children can share their thoughts, and make more explorations together. 

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Barnes  &  Noble

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Clay Historical Association

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August 18, 2024


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Rosamond Gifford Zoo

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Book Review

Patti Bonesteel's The Flamingo with Two Left Feet portrays the wonderful story of Ferando, a shy flamingo who simply wants to dance as beautifully as the other flamingos.  Despite his mother's repeated encouragement to be patient and believe in himself, Fernando believes he is beneath the others.  He sees himself as a clumsy and unlikeable flamingo with little hope of being picked by another flamingo.  After practicing a few dances away from the rest of the group, he finally had the bravery to dance in front of the flamingos but falls and embarrasses himself miserably.  Will Fernando be able to overcome his fear enough to perform in the Dance on the Water and find a mate?

The Flamingo with Two Left Feet is the story of Fernando's journey to self-confidence.  Who hasn't had the same experience as this friendly bird?  I liked how Fernando's insecurity was presented simply because readers can easily relate to him.  Patti Bonesteel beautifully captures what every youngster has ever felt while growing up.  I appreciated Fernando's mother's consistent support for him since it demonstrates how parents should always encourage their children to believe in themselves.  I fell in love with the incredibly charming family that Fernando, Felicia, and their adorable youngster make.  The lovely illustrations undoubtedly enhance the reading experience.  The author includes wonderful information on flamingos at the end of the book, providing young readers with a great opportunity to learn about these lovely birds. This is an excellent picture book for both adults and children. 

Reviewed by Laura Imaz for Readers' Favorite


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